Joost Sterke Plant Nursery: supplier of quality plants

Our company is located in the green heart of Brabant. The surrounding sandy soils are perfect for plant cultivation. We have more than 40 hectares (ha) of open ground, 4 ha of fields for container-grown plants and 1.4 ha of greenhouses. This allows us to supply high-quality shrubs all year round, in pots or with root balls. 

Precision farming
In addition to our rich soils, we lead the way in precision farming in the arboriculture industry. We use a Global Positioning System (GPS) for planting, pruning, root balling and undercutting. Using a soil scanner, we know exactly what the plot needs in terms of food and water, and where these are needed. Using a drone to scan our plots, we are able to count the plants and measure their sizes. We use an underground drip irrigation system to water the plants. We continue to invest in innovations, in order to achieve the best possible product.

Main crops
Our main crops in the open ground are: Photinia, Prunus Laurocerasus, Prunus Lusitanica Angustifolia, Taxus, Ornamental Grasses and Fagus. We grow more than 250 different types of shrubs in containers.

As a reliable and flexible supplier, we deliver to garden centres, wholesalers, large-scale landscapers, gardeners, cash & carry stores and DIY stores in the Netherlands and abroad.

We do not supply to private individuals.



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Open ground

- On 40 ha of sandy soil in Brabant, we grow uniform and high-quality root ball cultivated plants.

Our product range mainly consists of hedge plants and shrubs.

Container growing

- 5 ha of container-grown plants.

- More than 250 varieties.

- Mainly 10-l and 20-l containers.

Large hedge plants (open ground)

In addition to our own company, we also have a sister company, Tricolor Plant vof.

At this company, hedge plants are grown in the open ground to approximately 1.50 to 3 metres in height.

Tricolor plant

Fairs 2024-2025

In the coming period you will find us at the following fairs:

6 - 7 February 2024

21 - 22 August 2024

2 - 4 October 2024
Groot Groen Plus 

15 - 16 January 2025
Groenbeurs Haaren

No time to visit the fairs? You can download our assortment list here or contact us!

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